Welcome to MKMM Tamil School

We are pleased to welcome you to the sparkling web portal of MKMM Tamil School.

Even though we crossed seas and are away from our motherland for our living, we never crossed our livelihood, our dear mother tongue, the Tamil language.

We strive to pass on their mother tongue, Tamil, to the next generation of our Tamil relations living in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas and do as much as possible for Tamil language to flourish even further in the United Kingdom. To enable us achieve our aspirations, we had started this Tamil school and have been volunteering for more than ten years.

We work with the aspirational principle of teaching Tamil to our children in a fun-filled environment, easy to learn, clear concise way and without any discriminations. There is little doubt that not only the children receive a sound education but also excellent tamil knowledge and good qualities.

We hope you find everything you were looking for on this web site. If not, please contact the school office email address for further details.

We are always looking for support from the parents or other interested from the tamil community to serve even better. If you are interested to join us in this journey, please contact us through this link. With the unique passion and character that belongs to Tamils,  we cordially invite you to join hands with us. 

Let us join through Tamil and grow along with Tamil.



2022-23 Admissions

Closed Now !!
"The Pillars"


School organisers working hard behind the scenes to ensure smooth running of Tamil School.


Committed Teachers, pass on their valuable knowledge and help our students learn Tamil thoroughly.


The backbone of our school who sacrifice their own time to help with every aspect of running the school

தினம் ஒரு குறள்
பொருட்பால் - கூடாநட்பு
"சொல்வணக்கம் ஒன்னார்கண் கொள்ளற்க வில்வணக்கம்
தீங்கு குறித்தமை யான். "
"Translation : To pliant speech from hostile lips give thou no ear; 'Tis pliant bow that show the deadly peril near!
"Explanation : Since the bending of the bow bespeaks evil, one should not accept (as good) the humiliating speeches of one's foes. "